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Deck Structure Guides

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Deck Structure Guides

Post by darklight002 on Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:10 am

I'm pretty good at deckbuilding and I will post some basic structures for people to use with meta decks at the moment if you are looking for something good but dont want to spend days making a deck.


                                         Main deck:
Black luster soldier - envoy of the beginning
Kozmo dark destroyer x3
Kozmo dark eclipser x3
Kozmo dark planet
Kozmo goodwitch
Kozmo landwalker
Kozmo sliprider
Kozmo strawman x3
Kozmo tincan x3
Kozmoll dark lady x2
Kozmoll wickedwitch x3
Emergency teleport x2
Galaxy Cyclone
Kaiser colosseum
Kozmotown x3
Mystical space typhoon
Terraforming x2
Call of the haunted x2
Kozmojo x2
Mirror force
Solemn strike x3

                                  Side deck: in progress
Cyber dragon (Must have)
Dimensional fissure
Spell-shattering arrow
Macro cosmos
Anti-spell fragrance x3
Skill drain
Trap stun
Vanity's emptiness

                                      Extra deck:
Chimeratech fortress dragon x2
Castel, the skyblaster musketeer
Cyber dragon infinity
Cyber dragon nova
Gagaga cowboy
Number 103: ragnazero
Number 22: zombiestein
Number 23: lancelot, dark knight of the underworld
Number 61: volcasaurus
Number 82: heartlandraco
Wind-up arsenal zenmaioh
Number 14: greedy sarameya
Divine dragon knight felgrand

If you have any structure decks you would like to place into this thread feel free to do so, but follow my format and dont post a deck that has been previously posted.   Good luck with kozmos!


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